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In Preparation (Ongoing)

In Preparation is a laboratory-based solo work testing the performer’s endurance to its limits. Made in collaboration with dancer/dance scientist Emma Redding, writer/dramaturg Mary Ann Hushlak, assistant choreographer Susan Sentler, film-maker Monica Alcazar, medical doctor Sarah Chin, and avant-garde music collective Squib-box.

In Preparation was presented twice at the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science Conference in 2010 at the Birmingham Hippodrome and as a performance and discourse at the 2011 conference in Washington DC.  

As a site-specific work, it was also presented in a cell at Old Deptford Police Station in Jan 2011 and was the subject of a one-hour Resonance FM radio program, hosted by Squib: an act of radio choreography exploring the idea of the visible made audible and hosted by Squib.

For 2016 and currently in progress, Pick up your towel will be a durational, gallery-based solo work. In this phase, the movement science aspects of In Preparation have been reduced, to create both a distilled version of the previous solo work and an autobiographical signature based on ritual.

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<<equilibrium point>> (In Development)

<<equilibrium point>> is both a live and digitally-mediated performance.  It is a two-space, site-specific, “short-range telematic” piece.  Its scope is a game. It has five performers forging an alliance against a single, lone opponent. Its technological aims are deception, mediation, augmentation and dissemination.

For <<equilibrium point>>, Athina collaborates with dramaturg, Mary Ann Hushlak, and digital artist, Nick Rothwell.

<<equilibrium point>> was shortlisted by MADE (Mobility for Digital Arts in Europe) and received a ‘Special Mention of the Jury’ in the Commission, 2011. The team was invited to present the project at the professional day “Made in Ran” in Enghien-les Bains by the Centre Des Arts in Paris. The project is currently being further developed and is seeking partners with a view to performance in 2016-2017.

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Myths, then and now (In Development)

Three First Physical Theatre Company short  research works commissioned by the company. The works in progress have been part of Athina’s involvement with First Physical company as manager and artist in residency (July-December 2014).

1. Deus Faber: a duet emerging from Taller than Liberty, Deus Faber (god as architect) explores the emergence of Liberty as a female icon. Inspired by myths of genesis, amplified sounds and extracts from historical speeces, Deus Faber is focused on the ritualized manipulation of a 3-meter high armour dress to create the unsettling landscape of a cathonic opera.

2. I-Archive: a female solo vignette based on the notion of a dancer’s body as a living movement archive. I-Archive deals with the accumulation and layering of repertory fragments imprinted on the dancer's body throughout her career and integrated with her personal and cultural movement signatures. I-Archive is inspired by H. Bergson’s paper Matter and Memory and is performed on Shubert’s song, Naucht und Traume.

3. O o o!: Thirteen minutes of hula hooping to the sounds of bosa nova and bell chain ringing. Initially a solo vigniette on a podium, the dance develops from an insular piece to a public invitation. Fleeting layers of social and political meanings are manifested in the juxtaposition between continuous hooping, and the gestural activity of the hooper who drinks, announces the news headlines, shoots a pistol, and instructs a hula hoop class for the spectators. O o o! invites the public to share a physical experience.

Existential (2014)

A Trinity Laban commission for nineteen BA3 dance students, created over 5 weeks with the collaboration of dramaturg Maryann Hushlak, Existential took emotional branding and in particular the film extract of a lecture by G. Newell called Nike Marketing Strategy, as a springboard to share questions on our relationship with our body culture and its agon: the physical expression of our effort as humans to endure our limitation by trying to push beyond.

The work explored the notion of ‘existential’ as a moment or a state in media iconography and in sports. 

It will be developed into a full length work in late 2015 for the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens, commissioned by the Hellenic Dance Company.

G. Newell's Lecture

The Splinter in the Flesh (2010)

Originally commissioned as a work in progress by British Council, Greece and Isadora Duncan Institute, The Splinter in the Flesh was further developed by the Hellenic Dance Company at the State School of Dance, Athens in Summer 2008 and was premiered at the Athens Music Hall in December 2010. The full-length work was the final stage of a three year project based on the idea of identity and otherness. For this, the theatre was transformed in a gladiatorial caged arena and the theme of "fight or flight" became the metaphor for human consciousness and its consequences.  The project is available for touring.

The Splinter in the Flesh, as part of the Greek National School of Dance's Channels, in 2008.

The Splinter in the Flesh, as part of the Greek National School of Dance's Explosion, in 2010.